Rafael Delgado is a Peruvian-Argentine cellist who for several years has positioned himself as one of the most active explorers and diffusers of the cello in Latin American popular music.

He has participated in projects of folklore, tango, Afro-Peruvian music, pop and rock, being a sessionist in more than 35 record productions, among which stand out: No lines on the map, Ensemble Arre !, the Tango Quintet La Grela, Hernán Crespo Sexteto, Dúo Polti Delgado, Grupo Vuela Chiringa, Georgina Hassan Trio.

He has recently finished recording his first solo album “Rafael Delgado, Chelfie 1 - Territorios” in which he reflects the search for a more modern sonority of the cello for Latin American popular music.

He has also developed an intense activity in chamber ensembles and academic orchestras, such as the String Quartet Resonances, the Piano Quartet of the Argentine Catholic University, the Sine Nomine Trio, the Mayo Chamber Orchestra, the National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina and the Stable Orchestra of the Teatro Colón.

In his popular music projects, Rafael Delgado uses two different cellos: a German violoncello from the end of the 19th century, and a five-string violoncello (with a grave F) specially built by the Argentinian luthier Gervasio Barreiro in 2016.

In his search for new horizons for the cello he has developed an integral pedagogical proposal for the study of the cello in popular music, which has made it a training reference for cellists in Argentina.

He is currently a professor of cello at the Superior School of Art Education in Music “Juan Pedro Esnaola”, he is a professor of Violoncello Folklore and Violoncello Tango at the Superior Conservatory of Music Manuel de Falla and Violoncello Tango and Folklore at the School of Art “Leopoldo Marechal”. He also teaches Improvisation workshops in Popular Music for string players in different provinces of Argentina.